Tuesday 26 August 2014

1992: THE EXPLOITS OF SPIDER-MAN Issue 1 (Marvel UK)

THE EXPLOITS OF SPIDER-MAN (21 October '92) picked-up where the THE COMPLETE SPIDER-MAN left off.  

It returned to the traditional A4(ish) proportions of a British comic.

The reprints hailed from the US titles (vintage and modern) and also included MARVEL UK's own GENESIS 92 character Motormouth.  These strips had already appeared (a few months earlier) in the pages of OVERKILL but the versions published herein were the full uncut versions, featuring the US pages deleted for the Overkill run.  

The Fantastic 400 gag-strip of old was revived, probably because Tim Quinn (one half of the original creative team) was at the helm.

The free gift cover-mount on the first few issues were a set of Spider-man trading cards, produced exclusively for Exploits.

This was replaced by THE ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN COLLECTORS EDITION in November 1995, the first of the modern CE titles and one of the final launches from MARVEL UK. 

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