Wednesday 20 August 2014

1995: THE X-FILES Issue 1 (Manga)

Manga were a spin-off of the VHS/ distribution company of the same name who, if my memory is correct, had expanded into publishing by taking over Dark House International's Manga title when they withdrew from the UK market.

They got (exceptionally) lucky in 1995 by picking-up the UK comics rights to THE X-FILES just as it was exploding into the zeitgeist. The main contents were lifted from the US Topps Comics tie-in, supplemented by newly originated text features.

I wasn't a regular reader of this (but I have acquired the hardback compilations of the main Topps run) at the time but I believe Titan eventually took over the rights and, partly because Topps were beginning to struggle and the flow of new material was starting to dry up, rebooted it as a magazine.  

This first issue came with a free cover-mounted metal pin badge (long since lost unfortunately).  

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  1. Searching in my loft recently, I came across my collections of X-Files comic books - both the Topps and Manga versions. There were two editions of the Manga number one issue - one with a silver badge and one with a gold badge.


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