Thursday 28 January 2016


From 1978: the obscure British genre mag SCREEN ON!

This is a follow-up post to the beheading of BATTLESTAR's Baltar from earlier in the week. That rather grusome still came from the cover of the first issue. 

Back issues of this title don't seem to surface very often. I first found a copy of the first issue in a London charity shop and, more recently, I found a dealer selling the first two issues: posted below. Total cost to me: £2.

Published by a London based outfit called Danacell, I don't think this was originally intended to be a purely SF title. A small ad in the first issue detailed that the second outing would be devoted to disco movies. However, maybe the publisher thought that far was passing fast as the published second issue has a Bond/ THE WARRIORS theme. All change. 

The High Pix Quotient was down to the fact that they were published extremely small in a film strip design.  

I have no idea whether they ever reached issue three. There's no preview in number two. And it probably wouldn't be reliable anyway. 


  1. I had very vague memories of these - I had both issues, but could never remember the title properly. I just remember the film strips and the mention of films I had yet to see. Thank you for bringing these back to mind!

    1. Hi Fraser, here is issue 1 of Screen On! to read in full here >>


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