Thursday, 14 January 2016


From 1979: the paperback buy-in to the BBC's proto-X-Files THE OMEGA FACTOR.

I've not read this (which I found in a secondhand book shop) but I have seen a few episodes of the TV show itself (thanks to the DVD box set release) and, although I liked the show and the cast, I found the episodesthemselves hard going and somewhat impenetrable. It did remind me, a little, of the much more recent SEA OF SOULS but I don't think that's an entirely fair comparison.  

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  1. When I was 13 years and 4 months old I finally got a portable TV in my bedroom so I could watch whatever I wanted without needing my father's approval (now I could watch Top Of The Pops which he hated) - my new TV was delivered on Wednesday, June 13th 1979 and episode 1 of The Omega Factor was broadcast later that evening so it was one of the first programmes I saw on my new portable TV, woo hoo !! My TV lasted till September 1990 when it finally conked out after 11 years and 3 months of faithful service.


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