Friday 15 January 2016


This one is undated (any ideas?): the first UK edition of the MAD-alike CRACKED MAGAZINE from sometime in the 1970s.

Not only is there no date inside but there is very little other information either. So I don't know if this is a compilation of numerous different US editions or just one (the current?) issue redressed as the UK launch issue.

It seemed like every publisher, including both ends of the Marvel Empire, were chasing a slice of the Mad action with a succession of blatant wannabes. The same thing happened again in the Nineties when everyone decided they could come up with a VIZ knock off. 

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  1. I found a listing here for issue 6 :

    going by that, can we assume that issue 1 came out in 1977 ?

    just a quick heads up about the latest issue of JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE. ( 367 ) It has some very nice articles on the artist Ian Kennedy and THE EAGLE comic.

    The next issue is out on wendsday so get this one asap.


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