Thursday 28 January 2016


From 1985: The STAR TREK FEDERATION SHIP RECOGNITION MANUAL, a role playing game supplement published by FASA.

I was never one for RPG but I did rather like the spin-offs that doubled as in-universe guides. I just ignored the statistics and sections that were only pertinent to the games. 

The FASA STAR TREK RPG had a huge range of adventures and other supplements. This was one of three that were guides to the space faring vessels of the Trek universe. The writers overcame the fact that there weren't that many seen on screen (this was published a few years pre-TNG so they only had the TV series and movies to work with) by simply making up their own. The same is even more true for the other two editions in this series: one each devoted to the space going craft of the Klingon and Romulan fleets. 

These staple-bound softcovers were mostly sold through games and role playing outlets and probably escaped the attention of a large number of Trek fans.  I had them in the Eighties and I'm in the process of getting hold of copies (they seldom seem to surface at a reasonable price) now.

I've posted the covers and the interior pages relating to the Enterprise. Other space-going craft are available. 

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