Thursday 7 January 2016

2002: THE X-FILES UK MAGAZINE ISSUE 1 (Titan Magazines)

From April 2002: the first issue of Titan's THE X-FILES MAGAZINE.

This replaced their long-running comic/ magazine hybrid which was originally launched by Manga and subsequently acquired by Titan when the video distributor bailed out of publishing.

The show's older demographic, not to mention a lack of new Topps strips coming from the States, dictated that the format be changed.

Of course, by the time of the relaunch, the show was way past its cultural highpoint and had jettisoned audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

Titan have just issued a new book that appears to pull together material first published in the magazine. The layouts are good and consistent (have they been reworked?) but the screengrabs look murky and blurred as if they were swiped (as they probably were) from an NTSC VHS. I picked up a copy from Forbidden Planet just before the Christmas break.

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