Monday 25 January 2016


From March 1993: WIZARD MAGAZINE covers MARVEL UK's transatlantic incursion.

At this point, after a triumphant 1992, it was all boom and no bust (except Tuck) at the Annex of Ideas (and, more generally, within the industry) so this decently put together piece looks ahead to another year of UKverse expansion. Indeed, Marvel UK, published a lot more books that year than the article mentions. Possibly a sign of how swiftly new projects were added to the schedule. 

Wizard, notorious for hyping the next big thing (especially if their pals were involved somehow), never quite fully embraced the British books. Maybe being in London meant the British creators and PR people couldn't quite tap into that informal network. Or maybe Wizard thought its hype machine was better deployed to other projects. 

The new piece of Liam Sharp artwork on the first page looks like it was bidding to become an prospective Wizard cover. The purple wizard's cloak was a semi-consistent feature in the newly commissioned art on the early covers and it looks like Sharp was playing by the style guide. 

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