Monday, 15 August 2016


From 1989: THE MEAN GREEN LETTERZINE issue 11.

Remember the world before the internet and instant messages? Of course you do. One way that fandom stayed active was to write Letters of Comment (LoCs) about whatever subject or show tickled the writer's fancy. These would often appear in club newsletters or in standalone zines like this one.

This was, as the cover suggests, devoted to the Stephen J. Cannell show RIPTIDE from way-back-when. UK broadcasts were limited to a few episodes in a few regions (I discovered it on Thames where It played in the afternoon's alongside the swiftly cancelled TUCKER'S WITCH) so I think contributors were keeping up to date thanks to the long lost art of tape swapping.

I think the zine eventually broadened its horizons to cover other Cannell shows (the Eighties was his creative peak) or there may have been a companion zine with a broader remit. The memory cheats.

The title is a reference to something in the show... although the significance is lost on me. The helicopter (Eighties shows had to have moustaches and helicopters... The audience research demanded it) was definitely pink.


  1. For a certain segment of the Star Age audience, Perry King will forever be Han Solo thanks to his performance in the Star Wars radio series.

  2. This show was also broadcast on SKY ONE in the 90's.

    apparently ,the zine's title derives from an episode called ' the mean green love machine ' .

    1. I'm guessing it was a play on the Simon & Garfunkel song, "The Big, Bright Green Pleasure Machine".

    2. It also turned up somewhere in the Noughties... Possibly CHANNEL FIVE. It's not a bad show at all. I have the first season on R1 DVD.

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