Thursday, 18 August 2016


From the first week of February 1999: the first issue proper (after the previous week's freebie giveaway) of IPC's deep-pocketed entertainment weekly (not to be confused with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY... which it was clearly modeled on... and occasionally shared international material with) HEAT.

Ironically, the first edition's big exclusive turned a bit sour when Kelly (proper actress) Brook struggled to anchor a free-flowing daily magazine programme like THE BIG BREAKFAST (I suspect the production team probably didn't help her predicament once they sensed blood in the water) and the press latched onto every gaff as further evidence of her - ahem - shortcomings.

Her telly track record has been patchy ever since (although people keep employing her... maybe they just like her hair) but she has been in PIRANHA 3D and SMALLVILLE. Beat that Vaughan.

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  1. she couldn't have been any worse than Samantha fox at the brit awards.

    The big breakfast had on quite a lot of the cast from the phantom menace before the movie's uk release.


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