Monday, 22 August 2016


From December 1994: the first issue of MARVEL UK's (note the short-lived logo) DOCTOR WHO POSTER MAGAZINE, another DWM spin-off.

As I've said before, Poster Magazines have always held a finite appeal for me so this (and the BLAKE'S SEVEN companion which Starlogged has covered in the past) wasn't on my mental pull list when it first came out. Buying budgets were tight and I preferred magazines with a little bit more substance. However, in my quest to accumulate as many Marvel UK titles as I could find, I did luck onto a near complete run a couple of years ago and snapped them up. Copies come to market surprisingly infrequently which suggests a combination of low circulation figures and few surviving copies in circulation.

The early issues were themed around a particular WHO monster, beginning (of course) with the Daleks. A late-in-the-run reboot shifted the coverage onto a particular story... although that plan didn't progress very far as the plug was promptly pulled as the British Bullpen was being streamlined for the Panini takeover. Suddenly DWM was once again Number One in a field of one.

The format was the usual whopping poster on one side/ articles on the reverse as seen so many times before. That made the price-per-word pretty high compared with the main magazine.

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