Tuesday, 9 August 2016


From June 2001: the first issue of Titan's officially licensed FARSCAPE MAGAZINE.

Technically this falls outside STARLOGGED's pre-millennial remit but the show itself started in March 1999 so (just about) qualifies. It notched up four seasons (through to 2003) before the Sci-Fi Channel reneged on a deal for Year Five and the show ended suddenly. A mini-series followed in 2004.

The magazine itself, published on a hi-monthly schedule, notched up twelve issues before ending in April 2003.


  1. I acquired an ( almost ) complete run of this mag from a charity shop a few years ago.

    As with all of titan's range from that era, it was colourful and eye-catching.

  2. curio of the week must be the latest SFX special on George Lucas. Again as with the recent ghostbusters edition, this is just a straight re-print of the previous version with a few additional pages on the force awakens and rogue one.

    However, closer inspection of the spine reveals it to be SFX BOOKAZINE 12 which means the numbering system has been restored. For the record, the first lucas special was sfx bookazine number 6.

    future publishing's acquisition of imagine doesn't seem to have impacted upon SCIFI NOW. So far.


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