Friday 22 November 2013


The other 50th anniversary this weekend is, of course, a certain Time Lord so I'm posting several related STARLOGGED era items to mark the occasion.

This DOCTOR WHO COLLECTED COMICS one-shot is a bit of an oddity.  It looks and feels like it wants to be treated as a book (there's none of the usual advertising) rather than the latest in the run of MARVEL UK WHO specials.  It was published in the summer of 1986 (filling the Summer Special slot in the publishing schedule) although its undated.

The reprints hail from the Colin Baker run and were - presumably - assembled so that Marvel could maximise the return on their investment before his forced on-screen regeneration into Sylvester McCoy later in the year.

The strips themselves are presented, rather nicely, in colour and the package is really rather nice.

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