Wednesday 13 November 2013


This is another dip into COMIC WORLD magazine's contemporary coverage of MARVEL UK's GENESIS 92 line: a feature on flavour-of-the-moment cyborg assassin DEATH'S HEAD II published in the 8th issue, cover-dated October 1992.

The early nineties was a time when every publisher, especially Marvel, were stretching their cash cow characters as thinly as possible to grab every dollar (and, ideally, squeeze the competition off the racks) but, by the time the Genesis Implosion rolled around, overkill could have referred as much to DHII as it did to Marvel's British anthology.

It's amusing to see Neary's quote about the original DH considering he wasted no time on cashing-in on the success of his successor by dusting-off as many of the character's previous appearances as licensing deals would allow to publish the twelve-part THE INCOMPLETE DEATH'S HEAD for an easy buck.

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  1. Actually, Paul was ordered to come up with more Death's Head titles because of the success of Death's Head II and the easiest way to do that was to reprint the original series. That didn't mean he liked it... I suggested the 'wraparound story' featuring DHII to help convince him to do it, written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Simon Coleby. Other voices helped assure him the original Death's Head was much loved!


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