Friday 15 November 2013


These are the final three outings of MARVEL UK's BLAKE'S SEVEN POSTER MAGAZINE, published in the first half of 1995.

There was no announcement that the run was coming to an end but, judging from the multi-part history of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE (published circa 2004-5, just before the TV show's triumphant return) the decision to par back Marvel's magazine department (which would have, it everything had gone to plan, encompassed DWM & spin-offs, the DOCTOR WHO POSTER MAGAZINE, the BLAKE'S SEVEN POSTER MAGAZINE, HAMMER HORROR MAGAZINE, regular outings for BIZARRE and PLAYBACK as well as the Clive Barker comic/ magazine hybrid) to just DWM came suddenly and without warning.

Unfortunately, the negatives for the candid behind-the-scenes fourth season snaps featured in Marvel's original BLAKE'S SEVEN magazine (published circa 1981-83) seem to have been lost (possibly destroyed in a house fire) in the intervening decade-or-so which is a shame as they deserved to have been reproduced again using better printing technology.

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