Thursday 28 November 2013

1992: WRAPPED IN PLASTIC MAGAZINE issue 1 (Win-Mill)

It's amazing what you can find out by reading THE METRO on the way to work.

Browsing London's free morning paper today I discovered that this very weekend Hammersmith's Riverside Studios (not a million miles from my abode) is hosting the annual TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL.  Who would have known such a thing even existed? Not me!

It's sold out so obviously everyone else knew.

But, it's given me the ideal excuse to run this cover… the first issue (first printing!) of WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, the TWIN PEAKS fanzine that ultimately clocked-up a highly creditable (nigh on amazing) run of 75 issues between October 1992 and September 2005.

Not bad for a TV show that briefly burned brightly, withered quickly and only lasted 1.5 seasons (the first is short, the second was a full run).

I used to buy this magazine religiously but eventually drifted away (or it got hard to find) somewhere towards the end.

It launched as a TP zine but quickly broadened its horizons to cover the entire David Lynch catalogue, other shows in a similar vein (EERIE INDIANA, PICKET FENCES) and other projects from the show's cast and crew.

It was WiP that first spotted the potential of THE X-FILES and championed it before the rest of the world's media even seemed to notice it existed.

WiP in turn spun off SPECTRUM which had a broader remit and devoted the same in-depth coverage and analysis to LOIS AND CLARK, BUFFY, ANGEL, ALIAS, SMALLVILLE, XENA, ROSWELL, KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES, M.A.N.T.I.S, HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREETS and other contemporary shows of similar quality and integrity.  Heck, they even printed a couple of emails from me!

This first issue was pretty hard to find at the time (and I don't think I ever saw copies of the second and third issues on sale in the UK) and sold-out fast.  A second printing had a colour illustration of Laura.

Wrapped in Plastic, of course, referred to how Laura's body was discovered in the TP pilot.  I'm struggling to recall now but I have a vague idea that this first issue did indeed come bagged.

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