Wednesday 6 November 2013


I was famous.  Once.  Proof positive that DEATH'S HEAD II was flavour-of-the-month for a year-or-so (errr): the cover of the 1993-94 edition of the hefty (700-odd pages) THE COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE FOR GREAT BRITAIN.

The Liam Sharp cover continued the tradition of pairing two characters together for a semi-official team-up.  In this case, Minion is paired-off with MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER, the sixties Gold Key character that had been revived by Jim Shooter (to brief success) as part of the Valiant Comics line up.

Valiant briefly burnt bright during the boom years (sound familiar?) and its characters have made periodic comebacks ever since.

The UK Price Guides numbered eight progressively more substantial volumes before they ran out of steam.  If you stumble across a cheap secondhand volume (particularly the last as it's the most comprehensive) then grab it because although the prices are no longer valid, it does boast an extensive UK Comics section which - although not fully comprehensive and contains the odd mistake (I've covered series that don't appear in the book) makes for a useful reference tool.

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