Friday 8 November 2013



The end of MARVEL UK's stateside expansion came so fast that some of the casualties were already announced and - in some cases - close to shipping when the line was axed.

The final few months of the GENESIS 92 books contained several House Ads teasing series which never appeared and, from time-to-time, I'll be posting these as the REVOLUTIONARY WAR edges ever closer.

RED MIST 20-20 was going to be a multi-book event to launch three new interconnected titles: 'ROID RAGE, BLOODRUSH and DEATH DUTY.  The much-plugged late 93 launches would have been unified by interconnected covers and another set of promotional trading cards.

In the end, only the crossover in (the already bedded-in) SUPER SOLDIERS hit the stands and the rest of the project was quietly abandoned as the implosion took hold.

This House Ad appeared in GENESIS 92 books with a November 1993 cover date.


  1. Hi Slow Robot :)

    regarding Genesis 92,,I still have another question I forgot to ask you a couple of days ago (sorry sorry don't kill me): were the FRONTIER series published exclusively in the US, like the other post-1992 G92 comics? Were they ever pubished in the UK?

    That would seem strange to me, since FRONTIER was an imprint of Marvel UK, but if it was published only in the US, that would make it an imprint of Marvel US...? (OR an imprint of the US "G92" section of Marvel UK, which was in turn a Marvel imprint :S ).

  2. Hello Duff

    The FRONTIER COMICS line was - like the man G92 line - initiated, created and overseen from the UK so, following the same logic, they were Marvel UK titles albeit published in the US format and aimed at the US market.

    None of the FRONTIER COMICS line were reprinted in the UK but - as with all the G92 books - copies were imported into the UK and are now reliable 50p box fodder well worth grabbing if you find them. I think of them as G92's "best kept secret".

  3. Thanks :)

    as soon as I will have time I will give you some further information I gathered about other "obscure" Marvel UK titles, if you're still interested ;)

    1. Ok then, just to start: you may already be aware of this, but Marvel UK produced an 8-issues MADBALLS monthly series, starting in October 1987 (and not November, like the link that I copy here says; I am sure of this because I checked the items at the British Library). In the link below you can find the cover of the first issue. I think they just reprinted the Marve US original stories, and that it was not a great success... ;)


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