Friday 21 November 2014

1978: LOGAN'S RUN Issue 1 (Marvel Comics)

From January 1977 (so it probably went on sale in the States a couple of months earlier): the first issue of Marvel's LOGAN'S RUN movie tie-in book... another venture into licensed properties for the House Of Ideas.

This one, despite being spun-off from the hit film, mustered only seven issues before being cancelled.  The early pink slip was apparently because of some murky rights issues around the TV series (which launched in September of that year as an early attempt to grab some small screen STAR WARS magic).  The early termination is a shame as this might well have outlived the telly version (which was lost in the wilderness after only 14 episodes) and gone on to a reasonable run basking in the STAR AGE glow.  

Gerry Conway was the writer, George Perez supplied cover and interior art (inked by Klaus Janson).  

There was no MARVEL UK edition although LOOK-IN did run a two-page weekly take on the TV show from April-September 1978.  The six-month run was illustrated by Arthur Ranson. 

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  1. I vaguely remember the TV show - there was an extra android character as I recall. For a few weeks we (me and my father) watched Logan's Run rather than Doctor Who which was broadcast at the same time. The film is really good but it's spoiled slightly by the opening scenes of the city where it's so painfully obvious they've used models. The Carousel scene is terrific though and really quite chilling.


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