Monday 3 November 2014

1992: WILLIAM SHATNER'S TEK WORLD Trade Paperback (Marvel/ Epic)

If in doubt: go with what you know.  

William Shatner branched out into literature in 1989 with the first of his TEKWAR novels.  He left the fiddly business of actually writing them to author Ron Goulart but Shatner conceived the original concept (an unsubtle hybrid of his two most successful screen roles: STAR TREK and T.J. HOOKER) and continued to cash the cheques as the franchise expanded. 

Jake Cardigan's (really!) adventures eventually expanded to fill nine novels (through to 1997) and moved onto TV in 1994 with an initial series of four TV movies followed by a weekly series of eighteen shows later the same year.  All were filmed in Canada and were conspicuously devoid of a substantial budget.  The Shat wisely passed on the Cardigan role for himself (although he continued to appear) and handed the lead to Greg Evigan, onetime star of Larson's BJ AND THE BEAR.  

The franchise had already expanded into comics when Marvel's Epic imprint snapped-up the rights in 1992.  The series, published under the TEKWORLD banner,  ran for two years and 24-issues.  

This trade paperback collection was issued by Marvel the same year.  It reprinted the first five issues.  The British connection?  Art by Lee Sullivan. 

I once picked-up the entire 24-issue run... for a £1.  And the guy at the till still seemed amazed anyone would buy it...

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