Wednesday 12 November 2014

1989: A.L.F House Ad (Marvel UK)

Up... Up.. and Away.  One-time cultural icon A.L.F stars in this March 1989 MARVEL UK House Ad for his monthly comic.  The British edition reprinted material from the various TV tie-in titles (based on both the live-action series and the Saturday morning animated incarnation) from the States.

The British edition merged with THE MARVEL BUMPER COMIC... but it was hard to tell the difference as the Alien Life Form had already been resident in most issues. 


  1. congrats on passing 200 posts for this year !

    regarding captain power, it was screened on super channel back in the 80's...they also screened blakes 7, the tom baker dr who and wait for it...kolchak the night first exposure to this gem...the good captain also bagged a lovely cover for starburst mag:

    1. Hi Ed.

      Thanks for spotting that momentous landmark... I had missed it completely. This isn't going to be a bumper year for posts (compared with 513 and 548 in 2012 and 2013), thanks to a work-induced hiatus, but it still sounds like a reasonable figure. Hurrah.

      I never saw CAPTAIN POWER on TV but I remember spotting it in the listings published in the first incarnation of the UK TV GUIDE (basically an extended plug for the Sky offering accompanied, initially, by highlights of the terrestrial schedules because the broadcasters still had monopoly rights to the full listings) and I'm pretty sure it was a (slightly incongruous) part of the LIFESTYLE schedules. But that would have been sometime in the early 1990s so they probably picked-up the cheap-as-chips rights after SUPER CHANNEL.

      SUPER CHANNEL was (from memory), even by the standards of the BSB farce, something of a muddled venture. As I recall, it was a joint venture between the BBC and most (all?) of the ITV companies to test the waters of the brand new delivery system. That gave them access to great programme libraries but - pre-Sky and compact dishes - virtually no audience. And, in those days, it was hard enough to get the ITV companies to co-operate (in retrospect, TELETHON was a minor miracle!) so coordinating a new-fangled business venture was always going to be a struggle.

  2. hurrah indeed !

    it may not be a bumper year number wise but you have been putting up some great stuff and i cant get enough

    super channel also had a great pop show called countdown...pre-mtv and youtube, it was the best way to see all the latest videos and interviews with pop/rock stars....ah nostalgia...


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