Thursday 27 November 2014

1993: NIKKI DOYLE: WILD THING House Ad (Marvel UK)

Another MARVEL UK House Ad from the 'Genesis Explosion' period: NIKKI DOYLE: WILD THING.

The seven-issue run combined the surefire nineties elements of statuesque women (although, I have to say, I don't like the artwork at all), Virtual Reality (a nifty way of chucking in as many existing Marvel characters as required by the sales department without any consequences) and guest appearances galore (Venom and Carnage in the opener).

The single most distinguishing thing about this series is, judging by the covers, it managed to run a whole seven months without a single appearance by DEATH'S HEAD II.  

Early installments were reprinted in OVERKILL for the home market.  

She was also card number 132 in the MARVEL UNIVERSE 1993 TRADING CARD set published by SkyBox.

Doyle was due to be paired with DARK ANGEL for the scheduled-but-never-published (except in Italy) mini-series WILD ANGELS.

This is not to be confused with Marvel's later (and unrelated) WILD THING series from 1999/ 2000.  She was Wolverine's daughter in the alt-Earth MC2 continuity.  It ran for five regular issues following a free preview issue bagged with a copy of WIZARD. 

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