Tuesday 11 November 2014

1993: OVERKILL MONTHLY House Ad (Marvel UK)

This MARVEL UK House Ad, which appeared in December 1993, touted the relaunched OVERKILL which boasted an increased page count (and cover price) but also a reduced schedule (from fortnightly to monthly).  

The shift was part of the GENESIS IMPLOSION which saw sweeping retrenchments (read: cancellations) across the US-focued line as the British Bullpen tried to cope with orders suddenly falling-off the cliff.  Overkill, presumably, wasn't subject to the same woes (it was, after all, primarily intended for UK newsagents) but the schedule change suggested that it too was suffering from flaccid sales.  

The Implosion swiftly turned into a MASSACRE when Marvel, without warning, deemed the entire UK imprint (even the annoyingly ubiquitous DEATH'S HEAD II) surplus to requirements and closed the lot.  Overkill, flush with a backlog of strips, soldiered on into the New Year but it really felt like it was on borrowed time...

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