Thursday 27 November 2014


I probably should have pegged this post to Halloween... but I forgot.  Ooops.  This is the Marvel-produced MIDNIGHT SONS (sexist!) HERO CAPS (aka Pogs) set (basically a sheet of thick, punch-out, card) from circa 1992.  

Hero Caps were meant to be the next great, card-based, collectable to capitalise on the boom in trading card collecting.  They are a great example of how even rabid fans, hyped-up by the likes of WIZARD, will still reject a dumb idea.  

MIDNIGHT SONS (don't ask me to name all the characters) was a BLADE-inspired sub-set of Marvel supernatural characters that flourished during the boom period.  During that time, any book that looked remotely popular would spawn as many spin-offs as the market could accommodate (plus the obligatory spin-offs, guest-shots and premium-format one-shots) and THEN Marvel would clone them into new (but awfully similar) characters to stretch the basic idea even further.  Supporting cast members could also be relied upon to be spun-out into their own book. 

Follow the HERO CAPS link below to see the BIG GUNS set... featuring DEATH'S HEAD II. 

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