Thursday 6 November 2014


This is the in-house Launch Ad for the ongoing MARVEL UK series BLACK AXE from early 1993.

The 'Genesis Project' UKverse title eventually clocked-up a seven month run before succumbing to the first wave of cutbacks: the 'Genesis Implosion'.

The axe (hohum) fell so swiftly that MARVEL AGE MAGAZINE continued to list two more issues as coming attractions and, presumably, some work had already been completed on one or both.  

The appearance by DEATH'S HEAD II in the first issue was presumably intended to give the new launch some extra sales lift and standout in a competitive market... but M-UK seriously overexposed the character (and his various wannabe spin-offs) and his star power waned fast. 

The BLACK AXE strip also appeared in OVERKILL in the UK. 

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