Friday 7 November 2014


Another 'interesting' interpretation of the STAR WARS principles from the early days of STAR WARS WEEKLY from MARVEL UK.  Everything looks a little... hmmm... out-of-proportion....


  1. yes as a kid, this art always struck me as very strange but as an adult I appreciate it more...this piece is by the late, great and peerless carmine infantino who had an amazing and in my opinion still unmatched run on the original marvel star wars....back in the day, STAR WARS WEEKLY was the only source for new stories but it never occured to me at the time that the strips were sourced from the original usa comic..and now marvel has the license once doubt this will affect the current uk STAR WARS comic which by the way has been recently packaging some lovely freebies with the comic itself

    1. I wouldn't be so sure that the current UK arrangements for the STAR WARS comic will continue. I've not read it for many years but I assume that it reprints Dark Horse material. That's going to be a finite supply now they have lost the license. Judging by the upcoming collections already announced by Marvel, the DH back catalog has followed the license over to the House of Ideas. As Panini have the UK (and most of Europe by the looks of it) rights to publish Marvel material it seems likely that the license will shift when the current Titan deal expires. They may retain it however by virtue of also publishing the official magazine.

      Marvel have announced the first of one of their whopping bank-busting Omnibus editions reprinting the late seventies strips. It remains to be seen whether they include SWW original covers and sundry other artwork. That would be a true collectors edition and set it apart from the numerous previous reprints.

  2. it actually publishes original strips but they are very juvenile and will be intresting to see if titan retain the well as those omnibus ediitons., marvel have a whole new line of star wars comics on the way...truly we have come full circle and the force has indeed awoken !


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