Thursday 13 November 2014

1993: REDMIST 2020 House Ad (Marvel Uk)

Another Mighty Marvel UK What If: a UK advert for the it-never-happened REDMIST 2020 multi-book event from MARVEL UK's GENESIS line.  

Apparently the material for these three new interconnected new launches was actually on the way to the printers (and I've wondered, on several occasions, whether the freebie trading cards went to print earlier than the main book) when the GENESIS IMPLOSION hit and the orders came down from upon high to suspend most of the British Bullpen's publishing plans.  

None of the three new books ('ROID RAGE, DEATH DUTY and BLOODRUSH... three very nineties titles) ever made it into print and, of the two crossovers, only SUPER SOLDIERS 8 hit the shelves.  That proved to be the title's finale and the ninth issue was lost.  WILD THING stalled after issue seven and neither of the two-parts of the crossover appeared.  

The 'Implosion' was only supposed to put M-UK's new launches on hiatus (and clear out some of the underperforming titles, like SUPER SOLDIERS, CYBERSPACE 3000 etc) in order to slim down the line until the market stabilized in the wake of the speculator crash.  However, it turned into the "Genesis Massacre" when the whole line was shuttered at the end of 1993.  Everything already on hiatus was chopped alongside the implosion survivors.  Wipe out. 

But... just look at the list of the creators attached to these books...

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