Tuesday 27 January 2015


From April 1980:  It's a little blurred (sorry!) but the right-hand column of this cavalcade of MARVEL UK announcements includes the reassuring news that the long-delayed 23rd issue of FOOM, Marvel's in-house fanzine was imminant.  

The US edition had been dropped after 22 issues... leaving the British Bullpen in a fix as Marvel had sold subscriptions in two-issue bundles... and the last duo sold were issues 22 and 23.  Whoops.

Ever since he'd taken the helm, Dez Skinn had promised that the Annex of Ideas would honor its commitment and publish a special UK edition.  Skinn was on his way out the door (or already gone) by the time this appeared but his successor, Paul Neary (the first time around), was still talking about it.

We're still waiting...

This appeared in SPIDER-MAN 370. 

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