Thursday 15 January 2015


Here's a rapid romp through the US MARVEL TEAM-UP strips that appeared in the British weekly over 25 issues between 1980 and 1981:

UK Issues 1-2: Spider-man and Daredevil from US issue 25 (1974)
UK Issues 3-4: Human Torch and Thor from US issue 26 (1974) NOTE: Spider-man appears in the WHAT IF reprint (from US issue 19) instead.
UK Issues 5-6: Spider-man and the Falcon from US issue 30 (1975)
UK Issues 7-8: Spider-man and Nighthawk from US issue 33 (1975)
UK Issues 9-10: Spider-man and Valkyrie from US issue 34 (1975)
UK Issues 11-12: Spider-man and Iron Fist from US issue 31 (1975)
UK Issues 13-15: Spider-man and Doctor Strange from US issue 76 (1979)
UK Issues 16-17: Spider-man and Ms. Marvel from US issue 77 (1979)
UK Issues 18-19: Spider-man and the Black Widow from US issue 82 (1979)
UK Issues 20-21: Spider-man and the Beast from US issue 90 (1980)
UK Issues 22-23: Spider-man and Power Man from US issue 75 (1978)
UK Issues 24-25: Spider-man and Machine Man from US issue 99 (1980)

Continued in SPIDER-MAN AND HULK WEEKLY INCORPORATING TEAM-UP issue 418, beginning with:
The Human Torch and Iron Man from US issue 29 (1975)

The MARVEL TEAM-UP WINTER SPECIAL 1980 reprinted Spider-man and Red Sonja from US issue 79 (1979).

A full MARVEL TEAM-UP UK cover gallery can be found here.

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  1. This was a damn good weekly, crammed full of strips. I had them all and should have kept them!


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