Monday 5 January 2015

1990: MARVEL UK BOOKS House Ad

From December 1990: something of a work-in-progress House Ad for some of MARVEL UK's Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks.  

The NIGHT RAVEN book doesn't seem to have any cover art so the designer has used some panels from the strips themselves.  The final cover for NIGHT RAVEN THE COLLECTED STORIES can be found here.

THE CHRONICLES OF GENGHIS GRIMTOAD was a graphic novel rather than a trade paperback.  I've posted the cover here

DEATH'S HEAD THE BODY IN QUESTION was, indeed, a graphic novel (and also serialized in STRIP) and a full scan of the cover can be found here.  "Also trade paperback" must refer, not to an alternative edition of TBIQ, but to THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DEATH'S HEAD (see here for the cover). 

The artwork for THE SLEEZE BROTHERS is the cover of the first issue of the comic.  The collection was issued with new art.  See here.

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