Wednesday 14 January 2015

1983: RETURN OF THE JEDI: DEATH STAR BATTLE Video Game Ad (Parker Brothers)

From late 1983 (it appeared on the back page of US comics with a February 1984 cover-date): a Parker Brothers advert for their RETURN OF THE JEDI: DEATH STAR BATTLE video game.


  1. *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    as seen here:

    1. Cheers Ed. That's very interesting. It looks like Lucasfilm/ Disney are splitting the license into separate properties if, as the cover suggests, this is only covering REBELS (of which I've seen the cheapo DVD release that they were selling in HMV just before Christmas... it's quite good).

      Possibly the main films are a separate license... which begs the question... who will publish that when the time is right?

      I picked-up a copy of the new STAR WARS Marvel comic yesterday (I've not read it yet) from London's FP and they kindly threw into the bag a poster (which is rolled but I assume is SW), an art card, a pin badge and a small bagged SW toy of some sort. I was oblivious to all this in the store so it was a nice surprise when I got home.

  2. that was very nice of them ! My FP gave me nothing even though I bought one of the variant cover ( and therefore more expensive ) issues. Must admit that these days I buy so many comics and mags I rarely look inside them, just put them in storage for future perusal. But its a nice feeling knowing you have them.

    A slight correction to my previous post, its EGMONT who are publishing that new comic...more info here:

    they also publish TOXIC magazine

    there may be something in what you said...perhaps REBELS will continue as a separate comic and a new title will appear to tie-in with the inevitable prequel comics and adaptation of THE FORCE AWAKENS.

    As the original marvel adaptation of A NEW HOPE put it - only time and the space winds know....

    1. Egmont is, thanks to various mergers, the successor to IPC/ Fleetway.

      According to Dez Skinn, IPC were so keen to get hold of the UK STAR WARS license in the late seventies that they were willing to buy the whole MARVEL UK operation (and, presumably, publish Marvel titles under license as well) just to get it. Marvel New York obviously declined.

      It's taken them a long time (and several names, office moves and names above the door) but they've finally got it. Ha.

  3. but will they keep it...?...only time will tell and thanks for the info on IPC...had no idea they were hot for a star wars deal back then....STAR WARS WEEKLY was such an integral part of our childhoods and one took it for granted that marvel uk published the title but it would have been a LOT different under IPC


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