Friday 9 January 2015

1980: ON SALE THIS MONTH: STAR WARS WEEKLY Issue 100 House Ad (Marvel UK)

On sale this week in 1980: A MARVEL UK House Ad plugging the impending 100th edition of STAR WARS WEEKLY.

What did appear in that landmark issue?

A wraparound ILM photo-cover of an X-Wing taking on Darth Vader's T.I.E Fighter.
A seventeen-page reprint of The Long Hunt (the first US Star Wars Annual).
A two-page text summary of SWW's main strip to-date.
A tease of upcoming back-up strips.  
Coverage of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK... including the date of the world premiere in London (16 May 1980).

1980 was a year of big changes for SWW... a name-change (to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK WEEKLY) followed by a cut from weekly to monthly (to ensure the supply of fresh US strips). 

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