Wednesday 7 January 2015


From 1984: I've not run one of these for a very long time... one of the occasional (just like these posts) full-page pin-ups that appeared in the EAGLE under the banner of THE EAGLE COLLECTION.  

These appeared sporadically in the weekly from October 1983 onwards.  I get the impression that their scheduling was entirely dependent on whether the IPC sales team had been able to flog the (very finite) number of colour pages to an advertiser.  No-sale meant one of these was more likely to appear. 

The Brothers was an EAGLE strip (that landed the comic in a big of hot water... leading to a clarification of the mutating powers of radioactive waste.  See here for the offending installment and subsequent clarification) about - yup you guessed it - siblings.  Except one, after exposure to nuclear waste, turns into monkey-boy.

This appeared in the issue cover-dated 7 April 1984.

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