Friday 9 January 2015

1993: ON SALE THIS MONTH: OVERKILL Issue 20 (Marvel UK)

On sale this week in 1993: OVERKILL issue 20, from MARVEL UK, with (slightly surreal) cover by Steve Sampson.  

Following the successes of the previous year, early 1993 was a boom time for the British Bullpen with the "Genesis Explosion" in full swing.  OVERKILL started-out as a UK vehicle for the US-format 'Genesis' strips (albeit heavily edited) but, by the turn of the year, the amount of material heading across the Atlantic from Arundel House couldn't possibly be crammed into one comic.  

Overkill's line-up had already been shuffled with DIGITEK fading in and out of the running order (to accommodate delays in the fully-painted art) and KNIGHTS OF PENDRAGON dropped in favor of (inevitably) DEATH'S HEAD II.  

 The heavy editing of the strips also ended, subtly shifting Overkill from a fantasy adventure anthology (chasing the 2000AD crowd) closer to a traditional Marvel superhero book (albeit still with the unique British sensibilities which made the Genesis line so interesting).

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