Tuesday 27 January 2015

1986: ON SALE THIS WEEK: SECRET WARS Issue 31 (Marvel UK)

On sale this week in 1986: The last UK installment of the original (and about to be revived) SECRET WARS limited series.

The British Bullpen cannily stretched the twelve American editions over thirty-one issues thanks to the time-tested method of chopping them into ever-smaller episodes.  The rest of the issues were bulked out by Alpha Flight (a strip originally pencilled-in for the pages of CAPTAIN BRITAIN monthly... before it went all-British) and, latterly, the Ice Man limited series (previously announced for the pre-reboot SPIDER-MAN weekly) and the made-in-the-UK ZOIDS strip (destined for better things in the pages of the new SPIDER-MAN AND ZOIDS).  

As the back page proudly announced... change was coming....

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