Tuesday 3 November 2015


From October 1979: FANTASTIC FILMS magazine covers ALIEN.

This is Volume 2, Issue 5 of the second tier Star Age journal.


  1. further to your excellent piece on PRIME TIME , I vaguely remember THE BOX, in fact I still have the issue with the x-files cover ( or at least the cover and some pages ). However, I cant find any other covers on the internet so I was wondering if you have any and if so, could you scan a few ? And maybe provide a bit of background info ?

    And now for the weekly round-up :

    ARROW - this seems to have missed the boat and so far as I know has not been published by titan.

    THE ULTIMATE MOVIE QUIZ BOOK - actually more of a bookazine , the latest from sfx / total film.

    JOHNNY RED - an updated version from titan comics based on the character from BATTLE weekly.

    EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN - now here's a real curio - this reprints an older solo story featuring iceman which you may recall from the X-MEN WINTER SPECIAL published by marvel uk back in the 1980's. The art is in black and white and is set in a snowstorm which made the uk version almost impossible to read due to poor printing . ( a common problem with m-uk at that time ) . Needless to say, this new reprint is easier on the eye.

    1. Oh. And I passed on the Quiz Book bookazine. Not really my thing. But I did pick up the Johnny Red first issue.

      I also spotted another compilation of TV21 THUNDERBIRDS strips in FP.

    2. There were only three issues of THE BOX published by Haymarket magazines. I have all three. They were published bi-monthly but it was due to switch to a monthly frequency from the never-published fourth issue. That one was due to include an article on THE SWEENY.

      I think that X-FILES cover was from a photo-shoot for ROLLING STONE magazine. THE BOX must have snapped up the rights to use it in the UK.

      Unfortunately, the magazine was wider than A4 which means the covers don't sit on my bog-standard scanner.

      It was a really good mag. Copies seldom seem to surface secondhand although the copy you have (parts of) probably has the best chance.

    3. Hi Ed

      The Titan ARROW title did launch last week. However, it seems like not every branch of WHS are carrying it. The FLASH first issue seems to have better distribution across the chain.

      The MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE mini-comics "brick" is out. It's fairly small but exceptionally hefty. The strips are annotated with occasional footnotes and there are interviews with creators dotted throughout. I didn't see any copies in FP but Orbital had a couple. Now one less. Of course.

      They also had the 2000AD DAN DARE hardback. My copy is coming courtesy of the Amazon locker tomorrow.

      I didn't see the ICE MAN reprint (although he is the subject of the latest MARVEL Red Book) but I did pick up a nice BLADE reprint comic.

      I also picked up the PREDATOR VERSUS ARCHIE hardback because... You know...

      Someone should compile a compendium of all the Predator crossover comics (excluding Aliens) published over the decades.

      The WHO part-work doesn't seem to have shipped today. Hopefully just a brief delay.

      I've not seen the DAVROS AND OTHER VILLAINS bookazine in WHS yet but I did bag a copy from a dealer at the weekend. It's jolly good.

  2. yes it was the famous ' in bed ' rolling stone cover , that issue also had a great pic of duchovny in drag from twin peaks. What I wonder are the chances of him popping up in the sequel? ( now pushed back to 2017 )

    Oops I was premature about ARROW, I just found it in my local newsagent and a very nice value for money package it is too. It seems to be out only every 2 months unlike THE FLASH which is monthly. Also there is no date given for the next issue. ( assuming there is one )

    Lucky you to bag a copy of the MOTU book, I don't think FP got any copies at all.

    Iceman isn't actually on the cover, its EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN and the reprint is at the back after the main story. Btw, what's the marvel red book ?

    1. The Red Book is one of the two fortnightly hardbacks. The alternating one being "the black book". Otherwise they're fairly indivisible. Lol.

  3. Doh ! Of course, I should have realised that . The red series is MARVEL'S MIGHTIEST HEROES while the black series is THE MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION . I don't buy many of these but I did get the recent red book one of WARLOCK .


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