Thursday 19 November 2015


From 2008: a familiar face on the front of DVD AGENT MAGAZINE.

I hadn't heard of this recent (way outside the Star Age) US magazine until I found this copy in a comic shop back issue bin.

The impressive PLANET OF THE APES cover caught my eye. So I thought I would share it here.

Although American, its a nice reminder of the now lost genre of the DVD magazine... And their sampler episode cover-mounted discs.


  1. Ah yes the much missed line of dvd mags...and now the lads mag also seems to be going the way of the dodo with the news that both FHM and ZOO are to cease publication. The announcement can be read here:

    FHM had recently shrunk in size, a sure sign of impending doom.

    Forgot to mention that the new issue of JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE printed my letter but I'm still waiting for my prize. They are about to run a new comic sequel to the DREDD movie.

    And further to my reply to your post on the EMPIRE sticker album, another tasty marvel collection is on the way, namely DROIDS AND EWOKS. Sadly its an overpriced hardback :

    1. Congrats on the letter.

      I read on MEDIA GUADIAN that both FHM and ZOO are to close. As ZOO was last-man-standing in the genre since NUTS shuttered things must be desperate. I can't say I've ever read either title but I have glanced at them. And their covers were often hard to miss (which is why the supermarkets started to get skittish about stocking them).

      Dark Horse issued an OMNIBUS version of the Star Comics DROIDS and EWOKS strips within the last few years so I don't feel any urge to double-dip.


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