Thursday 5 November 2015


From December 1980: another magazine I've never heard of... Much less seen... before: the US mag VIDEO ACTION.

Based on this ad, it looks like something I would like.

Anyone ever seen it? Or have cover scans to hand?


  1. I have this ad myself, wasn't it from CINEFANTASTIQUE ? A previous online search yielded zilch which just proves that even the mighty internet has limits.

    1. Which makes the STARLOGGED mission to unearth the obscure, along with the mainstream, of the Star Age so vital. Lol

      I think I found this advert in a copy of FANTASTIC FILMS.

  2. Indeed slow and a noble mission it is !

    Ah yes, I must check my copies of FANTASTIC FILMS. As to why the Rockford Files ended, the answer is simple - James Garner didn't want to continue as he was exhausted by that point. I read his auto-biography recently and he doesn't mince words, claiming that he punched Glen Larson for stealing a script from Rockford. I also recall Darren McGavin telling a journalist that he killed KOLCHAK : THE NIGHT STALKER as he was fed up with night shoots.

    1. There is a very good book about THE ROCKFORD FILES. It covers the series and the later TVMs. I'm pretty sure it covers the disputes with Universal as well over payments and scripts. I can't remember the title... It's on my shelf at home.

      I read that about NIGHT STALKER as well. I think it was a combination of lack of enthusiasm from the Star, soft ratings and high shooting costs that killed it. Plus it was a format that wasn't really suited to a weekly series set in one city. Although BUFFY seemed to pull off a similar premise OK. They probably should have stuck with occasional teleflicks, possibly as a spoke in a movie-of-the-wheel.

  3. is the Rockford book one of these ? :

    the mcGavin quote is from this book which I bought years ago :

    Although the tv movies were of superior quality, the Kolchak tv show was always good for a laugh with all of the banter between the reporter and his boss.


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