Tuesday 24 November 2015


From 1999: A guide to STAR WARS COLLECTIBLES.

The end of the Star Age was marked by the return of STAR WARS to the big screen (and, boy, that was adisappointment)... and, predictably enough, a deluge of new print products trying to ride shotgun on the hype around The Phantom Menace or playing the nostalgia card for lapsed fans keen to revisit the original trilogy. 

This one-shot spin-off from TOYSHOP magazine was one if the latter: a comprehensive guide to the warehouse full of merchandise released alongside the original trilogy. The obligatory price guide was just a list with prices attached but the articles made this worth picking up.

Best of the bunch was a story-by-story look back at the much maligned Marvel SW comic books. I've seen the same article, or a variation thereof, in Starlog's tenth anniversary salute to the saga and THE UNAUTHORISED STAR WARS COMPANION, by Ted Edwards, also from 1999 (a nice little book, albeit predictably short on illustration). 

It also features the "oh my!" C-3PO Topps trading card... Although this now appears, loud and proud, in the official Topps book published this year. 

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  1. And now the madness begins anew with the force awakens except this time it wont be a disappointment.

    I have all of those titles including the UNAUTHORISED STAR WARS COMPENDIUM which reprints the now infamous article from SCI-FI UNIVERSE - " 50 reasons to hate RETURN OF THE JEDI ".


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