Monday 23 November 2015


From 1993: Britain's MARVEL SUPER-HEROES SPRING SPECIAL Holiday one-shot.

It wasn't just Stateside that Marvel was getting back into the adventure game in the early 1990's. After all-but-dumping the company's own characters at the end of the previous decade (leaving the door open, with varying degrees of success, for the London Editions DC reprints), they started to see a relative renaissance in the Nineties. 

The cover, by Davis and Farmer, looks a lot like it was either commissioned on spec or before the line-up (all culled, I suspect from the similar seasonal US anthologies of short stories) was locked because there is no hope of seeing ALIEN LEGION (an Epic title M-UK never touched), CAPTAIN BRITAIN or DEATH'S HEAD II inside. 


  1. further to your enquiry about the BUCK ROGERS PHOTO NOVEL, I can confirm its existence as seen here :

    Still on a letters theme, the new issue of STARBURST printed my letter in response to the dr who debacle along with many others including one from the legendary eddie maddock . ( or eddie haddock as the late john brosnan called him ! ) The editor's reply was a tad sarcastic. They seem to have nicked the star wars cover from EMPIRE who incidentally have a force awakens special out later this week.

    THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL actually printed no less than THREE letters from the same person ! Apparently this is due to a dearth of fans writing in. I did suggest to the editor that one incentive would be to award a prize to the star letter but he didn't bite.

    The new issue of CRIME SCENE is imminent as seen here

  2. Hi mate,
    looks as though that cover was culled from Marvel Age #120, the tenth Anniversary issue of that magazine. That's why it has a mix of characters from the previous 10 years of Marvel coverage I guess.

    See here for a decent photo of the cover:
    I picked up a copy purely by luck the other day, and thought you might want to know.

    All the best



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