Friday 13 November 2015


From 1991: It's Friday the 13th today so, to celebrate, here's - err - the first issue of Innovation's (defunct publisher alert!) adaptation of the movie CHILD'S PLAY 2.

Well... It is a horror franchise. Just not the right one.

This isn't the sequel that sent the UK press into a moral panic. That was the third one.

I picked this up for a pound quite recently. The coolest thing is that it still has a Virgin price sticker on the bag. Which means it has languished somewhere, almost certainly unread, for nigh on 25 years. I guess the original buyer couldn't bring himself to read it. Or hoped some Chucky luck would bring him an investment windfall in old age.

Virgin, unlike HMV, briefly went big on comics in the early 1990s and opened departments in most of their megastores. Certainly the London branches at both ends of Oxford Street had them and their advertising at the time promoted other sites as well. I believe their Brighton Megastore is now a branch of Poundland.

Unfortunately, they then made the departments a Stateside Comics concession. And Stateside, buoyed by the speculator bubble, expanded very quickly (they had their own stores and also concessions in retailers such as Hamleys)... And promptly went bust.  The Megastores then dropped the departments. The basement one (so not exactly a prime real estate location... Despite the location) at the Tottenham Court Road store was subsequently obliterated when the store was extensively modernised.

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