Thursday 26 November 2015

1997: XPOSE SPECIAL 1 (Visual Imagination)

From 1997: the first, of many, X-POSE magazine spin-offs.

This appeared at the peak of the cycle of X-FILES knock-off shows and, thanks to a better-than-you-would-imagine set of episodes guides, is probably the best you'll find in terms of a done-in-one reference to the boom in supernatural and alien conspiracy shows. I had high hopes that the recent X-FILES FAQ book would fully explore all the shows of the period... But although it sumeries several, its not comprehensive. How could they overlook BAYWATCH NIGHTS season two?

By this point I had started to suspect that XF was lacking the all-important narrative storyarc that was being much discussed and was concluding that the Writer's Room really was making out up episode by episode. I preferred DARK SKIES which, despite its sometime preposterous premise, sometimes seemed the smarter and more focused show. 

X-POSE the magazine was typical Visual Imagination shelf filling fodder: yet more X-FILES coverage (all but identical to what was also appearing in TV ZONE, STARBURST, SHIVERS, CULT TIMES and their sundry spin-offs), this time accompanied by "fact" articles on the unexplained probably cribbed from one of those cheap books that still surface in charity shops. 

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