Monday 18 April 2016


From 1984: the MARVEL UK edition of the CONAN THE DESTROYER movie adaptation, published as an annual by MARVEL UK.

The strip was also serialized across several months of THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN THE BARBARIAN magazine, beginning with the MWOM merger issue. However, despite the introduction of a few colour pages much of the strip was still published in black & white. Herein was the only UK outlet in colour.

Quite how well this sold is anyone's guess. Its hard to imagine the audience for Conan (and Certificate 18 barbarian film fare) were perusing the table (it was always a table in them days) of annuals displayed in WH Smith. But maybe the sheer inability of younger readers to see the movie in cinemas actually helped sales. 

They didn't publish another Conan annual over here and the magazine itself shuttered the following year.  

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