Monday 4 April 2016


From 1987: a US full-page advert, from STARLOG, promoting the freshly launched LUCASFILM FAN CLUB, successor to the defunct STAR WARS FAN CLUB.

Launched as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations to a decade since the release of A New Hope, this was one of the early steps of the long road back for the saga after the dog days of 1985-86. 

Lucas shuttered the SWFC because, frankly, no one much cared anymore and updates from the galaxy far, far away were few and far between. Expanding the scope of the organisation allowed it to cover, and pull in fans of, other Lucasfilm ventures. Responsibility for running the club, selling merchandise and publishing the flimsy newsletter/ magazine (no great shakes but better than its predecessor Bantha Tracks) transferred to the team responsible for the officially sanctioned STAR TREK FAN CLUB. 

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