Friday 22 April 2016


From June 1992: the first issue of Visual Imagination's long-running horror mag SHIVERS.

It launched as something of an alternative to the gore obsessed fare being churned out by the FANGORIA stable in the States with a remit to cast the net a little wider with more coverage of British, European, alternative and independent scare-fare. 

But sales weren't great so VI rebooted Shivers to tackle more contemporary frights. And then, of course, THE X-FILES arrived and mainstream audiences were suddenly interested in the genre again. And Shivers, along with the rest of the VI line, shamelessly chased that readership. Suddenly it was virtually indistinguishable to companions STARBURST, TV ZONE AND XPOSE. 

It eventually ran for 138 issues, ending in 2007. Unlike the other VI titles, it didn't spawn a run of quarterly spin-off specials alongside the main mag. 

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  1. I do recall certain issues of this as a flipside alternative to the STARBURST SPECIAL.


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