Thursday 7 April 2016


From August 1994: the special (free!) preview edition of CINESCAPE MAGAZINE, published just ahead of the official launch, that was bagged with copies of HERO ILLUSTRATED and a computer games mag (the catchily titled ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY). My copy came with the former... not the latter.

TREK prominently features, BOND is always back and we DID see two AVP flicks, one considerably better than the other but neither really much cop. 

The regular mag clocked up 76 regular issues through to the Winter of 2004. It also spun off assorted one shots under generic brands like CINESCAPE PRESENTS (TV MANIA, SEQUEL MANIA, BUFFY/ ANGEL OFFICIAL YEARBOOK, THE X-FILES, MOVIE ALIENS, THE X-FILES AND CONSPIRACY TELEVISION), CINESCAPE INSIDER (PHANTOM MENACE, STAR WARS), CINESCAPE COLLECTORS EDITION (THE X-FILES YEARBOOK) or the CINESCAPE 1995 SCIENCE FICTION TELEVISION YEARBOOK that sometimes appeared as part of the usual numerical run and sometimes appeared as specials. 

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  1. CINESCAPE was certainly productive in its era although their numbering system could be a tad confusing.

    Today, I stumbled upon a few choice items in my local newsagent.


    Issue 2 of a 3-part series, this is a new manga style adaptation of empire, aimed at kids. Issue 1 adapted A NEW HOPE while issue 3 ( due out in June ) will adapt RETURN OF THE JEDI.

    At first glance, yet ANOTHER comic version of the original trilogy may seem pointless. A NEW HOPE alone has had two official adaptations by marvel and dark horse but I guess its all part of Disney's re-boot ( and re-hash ) policy.

    But the art is pleasing so I bought it. All three adaptations are also available in a one volume hardback which I came across previously in FP.


    This is a new re-print of the classic comic series in the uk collector edition format. Timed to coincide with the new marvel movie of the same name, it also has some nice supplementary material.


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