Thursday 7 April 2016


From 1987: a selection of "V" merchandise, as advertised in an issue of STARLOG MAGAZINE.

I've published the VISITORS TECHNICAL INFORMATION MANUAL (purchased from a London Comic Mart back in the Eighties) on STARLOGGED in the past but I've never stumbled across a physical copy of the Writers/ Directors Guide... although I think I read a copy online at some point and found it less than illuminating. 

Ordering a copy of the TO SERVE MAN COOKBOOK would probably get you investigated by the appropriate authorities. 

Despite being offered by Starlog Press, I suspect all these items were fan produced and not officially licensed or endorsed by the studio (who ran their own officially sanctioned ad, starring Jane Baddler, to shift their own wares... see STARLOGGED past). Naughty naughty. 

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