Tuesday 19 April 2016


From 1990: Visual Imagination's long-forgotten (with some reason) incursion into the sphere of mature readers comicdom: SPACE JUNKK. 

This was a comic so cheap that they couldn't even push the lifepod out for a colour cover. Presumably publisher Stephen Payne justified such frugality to himself (and retailers) by pointing to the success of the similarly minimalist Viz. Even through that was pitched at a different audience and reveled in its roots as a cheap and cheerful fanzine made good. 

I swerved this back in the day but picked up this copy of "podule" 3 quite recently. I have no idea how long it ran for so although they were still hawking subscriptions, this could have been the finale. 

Its unlikely Tharg the Mighty lost much sleep over this interloper.  


  1. I don't remember this at all, was this an ad in STARBURST ?

    it seems to have run to at least 4 issues as seen here :


  2. Ed,

    Star Junkk was created by a lot of the people who went on to found Big Finish Audio, and who have ties to modern Doctor Who. Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks/BF writer and director) was one of the writers, for instance, and I think Gary Russell may be in there, too. (Slow--are you able to check the credits on this issue?)

    The strips were terrible. Its gimmick was a serial which the readers could phone in with plot ideas for (at least in issue 1, I never got any further).

  3. thanks for the info krusty and again for pointing me to lew stringers blog, some great stuff on there.

    And I only realised this week that he used to draw Derek the troll for WARLOCK mag back in the 80's !


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