Monday 11 April 2016


From 1987: a selection of Starlog's officially licensed movie magazines and poster magazines from a house ad.

As you can see, it addition to STAR TREK (three mags for TREK IV!) they also seemed to have a thing for Stallone with a succession of tie-ins for his flicks (even STAYING ALIVE where he wisely stayed behind the camera) which surely shows who was buying this stuff. 

The SF issues still surface in back issue boxes from time-to-time but the titles related to other genres are much harder to find today. Presumably because their target audiences lacked the same collector mentality as SF boffins. How many fan boys have cherished their ANNIE movie mag for all these decades?

The range continued to grow over the next few years and I'll unearth and publish a later ad at a later date. 


  1. I'm very familiar with this ad. As with CINESCAPE, the STARLOG group were very productive in their time.

    Some of their choices were downright bizarre. A poster book for Joanie loves Chachi ? Surely the usa equivalent of the marvel uk pocket book for YOUNG ROMANCE.

    Was it ever published or just a figment in someone's imagination like the promised but never published DUNE uk annual from marvel - grandreams ?

    You are absolutely correct in pointing out that the non-SF titles are now harder to come by , almost non-existent in fact.

  2. Congrats btw on passing your 1OOth post this year !


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