Friday 8 April 2016


From 1999 (and the random scans file): Visual Imagination's CULT TIMES (basically the TV TIMES for Geek TV with full SCI-FI CHANNEL - from when it was good - listings as well as details of genre TV shows scattered across the multi-channel schedules) SPECIAL.

Like most of the other VI mags (although curiously not SHIVERS), CT also spun off quarterly themed specials alongside the core mag. This was was largely devoted to the ill-fated launch of the successor show to BABYLON FIVE: CRUSADE.

That show went horribly wrong and has the distinction of being cancelled months BEFORE its premiere.


  1. Like the play that closed during rehearsal.

    Not even enough time to generate a fanzine.

    I'm not sure if I ever saw this . Wasn't it screened on channel 4 ?

    I don't suppose you have unearthed any more BABYLON 5 zines ?

    I have a particular interest in those.

  2. I have a hunch it might have premiered on SKY ONE and then sold on to CHANNEL FOUR or the SCI-FI CHANNEL. Or maybe both. I have the DVD set but I've not watched an episode in years. I should make the effort. It was a show with a fair amount of promise but hampered with some odd creative decisions and then slaughtered by the weird running order and inconsistant tone imposed by TNT.

    Funnily enough, I did recently unearth some editions of the B5 Fan Club mag. As to when I will get around to doing another scanning session... I have no idea.

  3. Sorry! It a spot of housekeeping I inadvertantly deleted a comment about CRUSADE's UK broadcast history. Grrr. Many apologies to the author. Sorry!


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